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Gabby's Story

My name is Gabby. I'm a two-year-old Labrador retriever mix.

I was wandering around rural South Carolina when animal control picked me up and took me to a high-kill animal shelter. I was so scared. What’s worse is that I was suffering from a bacterial skin infection, which immediately put me on the euthanasia list.

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Every dog deserves a shot at a better life.

How many obstacles must abandoned or mistreated animals overcome? Too many.

When they’re finally rescued or surrendered by owners to shelters, they should have the best chance at a fresh start in life—to learn how it feels to be loved and valued for the unique and generous souls they are.

Bacterial skin infections can impact how dogs look and feel, and, in turn, impact their chances of being adopted. That’s why we created Give a Dog a Shot, a program that donates a fast-acting antibiotic to a group of select shelters across the U.S. The program helps free up time for shelter staff by eliminating the need for oral medication. And most importantly, it helps shelter dogs heal, bettering their chances at finding the loving, forever home that they deserve.

Making A Difference at a Rural Shelter

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