What is Give a Dog a Shot?

We help dogs heal from common bacterial skin infections by providing free CONVENIA® (cefovecin sodium) to participating shelters for one year. Dogs are treated with a simple injection of CONVENIA, which helps free up time for shelter staff—time that would’ve been spent administering pills. And it helps shelters save money with free antibiotic treatment for dogs in need. Most importantly, it makes shelter dogs look and feel better, improving their chances at adoption.

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It’s a fast-acting and effective injectable antibiotic that treats common bacterial skin infections in dogs and cats. One injection equals up to 14 days of oral antibiotics.* And by eliminating the hassle of giving pills, CONVENIA removes the stress of frequent drug administration for both the dog being treated and the person giving the pill.

How can I help?

As an animal advocate, you know how important it is to spread the word about pets that need loving, forever homes. That’s why we hope you share success stories from the Give a Dog a Shot program. With each story you share, you raise awareness that shelter dogs suffering from skin infections can be healed and given a shot at a new life.